Poetry and Me

I love to write poetry. Such emotions can be expressed in a single stanza. I post my writings here.

losing myself

Losing myself in the atmosphere
Floating down the tranquil river
Honey kissed rays dusting my face
Soft, whispering winds gently blowing
Serene melodies carol in my head
As I smile at the diamond blue sky
Not one lingering thought in my mind
Blissfully aware of the crickets
Dreaming of impossible things
Laughing at my own jokes
I look forward to what’s around the bend


The air is sweet and fragrant
The grass is soft and cool
The birds twitter with elation
Dew drops are liquid jewels

i have plans

I have plans
To dance in the sky
And thouch the clouds
Way up high
Tiptoe on the stars
And float on the rain
Sleep on the moon
The thrill I want to gain
I have plans
To dance in the sky
Maybe you wish to join me
Way up high

candy man

Oh you - oh you
Like candy you are.
So sweet - You give me a sugar high.
You smooth butterscotch.
You fresh peppermint.
You stick to my thoughts like bubble gum.
You give me cavities.

How dredfully slow the time inches by
Crawling and scuffling along
Stopping to meander around roadside attractions
To smell the roses for the 100th time
Ignoring my pleas
‘Hurry along, if you dont mind!’ i cry to no avial
For time makes its own time
And answers to no one
What an outlaw time tries to be
But really it is us who controls it
We create it
Yet time chooses to defy us all

Missing The Key

In a daze of total joy

I forget to lock my heart.

Trying not to get so coy,

I tear my heart apart.

Blood rushes out like love and lust

Flooding the floor with thruths and lies,

My feelings bend and begin to rust,

My heart is dripping and reeking of cries.

My hands begin to tremble and shake,

My head is whirling with disbelief.

My eyes are red and fully awake.

All I want is some relief.

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I want to experience

The years trickle by

yet I feel stuck

in the same place

I have always been

Why can’t I move myself?

What am I afraid of?

I want to live and let live

I want the experience

I crave the adventure

I need the trouble

Jump star my engine

I desire life

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Wonderous Earth

  Outside, all is still.

Where, oh where

Did the rain go?

Where is the call of the Whippoorwill.

  Outside, not even a wind

Why, oh why

are there no crickets?

What made their song end?

  Outside, the trees sit in quiet-

But wait!

Cicadas and birds

Start calling in delight.

  Outside- unpredictable

The weather, the weather,

ever changing-exciting life.

Nature is insatiable.

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The Storm

The Daffodil doll

Flying in hurricane winds

Calls out in the rain

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Toys to Men

I want my doll

to come to life.

He’s very tall

and needs a wife.

I’ll cook and clean

He’ll mow the lawn

We’ll never be mean

and always stay out till dawn.

If only he

could come alive

I’d be happy

and we would thrive.

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